Widening the Path

Noel spent the day riding in the Tour de Cure, so I took the opportunity to start working on widening the pathway. Enough plants need to move that I don't want to wait too long and let the ground get too dry -- it'll be worse for the plants and harder for me to do it in a month.

This is where I started. We conveniently had a piece of wood lying around that was just about four feet long, so I used that as a measuring device. As you can see, the path was a bit too narrow.

The path before widening

I started by moving some species tulip bulbs that were near that little solar path light, then I pruned the Wahlenbergia waaaay back. The rest of the tulips don't want to be moved yet, but now is definitely better than later. Also, I need to finish this up so we can finish carting wood chips all over the garden.

The dogs help me dig

The majority of the work was digging up and repositioning the retaining blocks along the edge of the drainage basin. As you can see, I had some assistance; the dogs just love lying right where I am digging.

I moved one dianthus, but I still need to move a sedum and reposition blocks around a couple other dianthuses. And that's just for this segment of the path.

Midway through widening

Here's where I ended up: the upper part of this section of the path is almost done. The lower part is almost done. The really hard part, which involves reshaping the daylily bed (and dividing the daylilies, since I'm going to be digging them up anyway), is barely started.

The good part of all this is that I have been putting off dealing with the mess in the daylily bed, and now I have a real reason to just dig in there and get it all sorted out.

Well, and also we'll be able to get larger loads of stuff into the back of the garden more easily, which will make some upcoming projects much less of a pain in the butt.

posted by ayse on 05/02/10