Saturday Bits

What to do when your wife is out of town for the weekend? Bits and pieces of work that you've been putting off for months!

When we originally built the shed, I never went back and tried to clean up shingles. Here's what shingles dangling over the edge of the roof look like:

droopy shingles

After staring at this sorry state of affairs for altogether too long, I decided things needed to be cleaned up. I got out a straightedge, a knife, a chalk-line, and borrowed a pair of tin snips from our neighbors. This is the result:

a shingle haircut

The trimmed shingles are much more tidy. Here's what it looks like up the eave-line on one side of the shed:

trimmed shingles from above

Check out the nice, uniform overhang of the shingles:

trimmed shingles from underneath

That's half the work completed. I still need to go back and deal with the other side... Just after finishing the initial construction of the shed, I stupidly took a pair of tin snips to that side of the shed. This was before we installed any trim, so there's barely any overhang. Luckily, it has not let in any water. However, I'd rather get it fixed up properly so doesn't have any chance of leaking.

By mid-afternoon, it was blazingly hot, sitting up there on the asphalt shingles. So I decided to move to a different project. The door that we picked up for the shed was missing one of its lights:

door with missing light

Over a year ago, we got a piece of plastic to install in that space. I decided that today was finally the day it would get installed. I first removed the trim from the sides of the light:

removing the trim old trim around the light

After cleaning out the spiderwebs, I put the new plastic light in place. It's held against the opposing trim pieces by "glass points" -- little pieces of metal which will hide behind the trim:

a glass point, holding in the new light

Here are two trim pieces reinstalled:

new light, two trim pieces installed

All done:

new light, completed

Looks a bit out of place, compared to the crazy 1960's glass of the other lights, but it does keep out the wind and rain. It's all ready for a new coat of paint!

posted by noel on 05/09/10