We're Not Dead

I pulled a tendon in my shoulder, we went to a barbeque, all sorts of other things have kept us from doing much work on the house in the last couple weeks. But I just wanted to point you all at Daniel Neumansky's excellent explanation of why buying a house with lots of unpermitted construction work (or, relatedly, doing a lot of unpermitted construction work on your own house) is a bad idea: Why Do You Harp on Permits So Much?

Over the last few months one of our neighbors has gotten really belligerent with us and has been trying to use the legal framework of the city to harass us. It's when things like this happen that I am very glad all our work is done with permits (or doesn't require them). So when you think it might be cheaper and faster to just redo your bathroom on the down-low, consider that you are also giving your neighbors the power to cause you some serious financial setbacks.

On a lighter note, I got a super fancy new lens for my fancy new camera, and it allows me to take near-180 degree photos. Which means I can stop piecing together crazy panoramas of rooms and just show you things like this:

Back bedroom, messy

That's the back bedroom, spectacularly messy. Yup, I didn't even bother to close the closet door, or pick up the comforter lying on the floor, waiting to be taken to the laundromat (it doesn't fit in our washer). You know how it is when you get a new toy.

On another note, I figure it's been about six years since I took down the paneling in this room: maybe it's time I got around to finishing repairing the plaster and painting it?

posted by ayse on 06/11/10