More Tools Needed

So with the big beams planed down to thickness, I stained the cut side earlier this week. And today we took a few minutes and attached all the hardware and put the beams in place.

Latest stage in constructing a pergola

The whole process was remarkably without disasters, although it turns out somebody mismeasured and we need to make some small adjustments. No big deal, though.

Now we need to make all the cross-beams -- of which we have a rough sample in the front there. We've decided to just buy a biscuit joiner for the job -- we often think we'd like to have one and we know we would get a lot of use out of it.

In the meantime, we stuck a few junk 2x4 pieces in there to hold the pergola together.

Pergola through the dining room window

And here it is from a seat at the dining room table. (Why yes, I do still have my Valentine's Day decorations up.) As you can see, when fully engulfed in the passiflora vine, it will nicely block our neighbor's bedroom window when you're sitting at the table.

posted by ayse on 07/30/10


Woof, woof! Great dog.

Hah! I didn't even realize she was there when I took the picture. She sees the camera and just assumes it's time to strike a pose, I guess.

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