Neighbors to the Rescue

Once again, the Neumanskys came to our rescue. This afternoon we scampered down the block to borrow a planer from their tool stash.

About half an hour later, our 4x6es were 3.5x6es.

Planing the 4x6es

Tomorrow I'll re-stain the planed sides, and then we can put the main frame of the pergola together. We still have to make the small cross-pieces and then stain them.

I'm guessing we should buy one of these guys; it was a very handy item.

posted by ayse on 07/27/10


Can we borrow it next? Got a couple doors that need shaving.

@kitt: I think the shipping charges to Colorado and back would be a good portion of the amount to buy your own :-) Mine is on the low end, and cost ~$75 a while back.

Does your local library have a tool lending library? This would be a great item to borrow from that.

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