The Weather Was Kind

It rained plenty while I was off in Tacoma, but the rain doesn't seem to have done much damage to the trench.

Post-rain trench

If anything, it seems to have leveled the bottom a little.

I still need to get in there and measure and make sure there's not an extra inch of soil at the bottom, but it looks pretty good.

It's still supposed to rain this week -- on Friday night the forecast says it will be cold enough to snow at sea level, believe it or not -- but the light is coming back and winter is drawing to a close rapidly, so I'll be out digging no matter the weather.

Suckering on the roses

The roses wait for nobody.

posted by ayse on 02/22/11


I'm looking forward to watching the progress on the retaining wall - just getting the trench done is a huge accomplishment! Any thoughts yet on how to landscape the strip between the retaining wall and the city sidewalk? Hope you've been able to get someone to "adopt" your spare roses - if you could get them to the east coast, I'd take a few!

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