Puts Wind in Your Formwork

It was a cold and blustery day today, but we managed to find some time to work on the retaining wall formwork. I had a quick afternoon of finishing up the first bit of gluing during the week, so all the pieces were ready to be put in place.

Trimming the column formwork

We had to trim off some pieces of overhanging plywood as we went, but that was quick work with the reciprocating saw.

Face reinforcement

We also had to redig some areas that were either not as dug out as we needed or had slumped in to make the formwork not fit. That tarp is holding back a rose from attacking us as we worked. The roses wait for nobody.

Inside the columns

The work today involved nailing the column formwork to the side to make the shape of the corner columns. Then we tacked and glued a chamfer piece in the corner. Tomorrow I can come through and glue the liner in place over that.

Small side formwork in place

And there we have this day's work. We've still got some more to build on this side but now you can kind of see what the wall is going to look like.

Site overview

We cut the day short because it very suddenly got very cold and windy, but we made pretty good progress. We'd like to order concrete soon and get this project finished.

posted by ayse on 05/07/11


That is going to be really charming!

can't wait to see it done. The formwork does allow verygood imagination to the finish It will be beautiful. Your tree in the background looks like it is doing well! later!

Are you going to reeturn the arbor to somewhere near the walls ?

Yes, the arbor will be in pretty much its original position. When we do the finishing touch on the wall some time from now, we will have a custom-made wrought-iron arbor made.

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