Gluing Lifestyle

Despite ambitious plans, we didn't get back to work on the formwork lining until yesterday. The glue had set up pretty nicely on the sleds, thankfully.

Assembling the front formwork

We laid out the formwork, outside side up, and used a couple of spacers to nail the formwork for the face of the column in place.

Assembled front formwork ready to have liner glued on

That went pretty quickly, though the corners were a little trickier. Here are the pieces we'd finished, ready for the next step.

Cutting the corner haunches

To make the corners of the wall less prone to chipping, we're adding small triangular fillers to each corner that will make the shape into two 45-degree angles instead of one 90-degree angle.

Glueing corner haunches in place

A little construction adhesive in the corner, and there you go. This time I learned my lesson and put on gloves before working with the adhesive, which definitely helped with the sticky factor.

Squooshing the corner haunch in place

For the most part the corner pieces glued in place politely and without a fuss. A couple of them had to be clamped into place because they wanted to bend.

Liner glued into the column formwork

Once the corner pieces were glued into place, placing the liner over the column shape was fast and easy.

Glue setting up

On the corner pieces, I still need to go through and glue the liner up onto the vertical side, and there are a couple of other pieces that need liner glued onto them, but we're getting close. We'll have to get these into place with the back pieces, which will take some finessing, and then there's the 45-degree section of the wall where we don't really know what the dimensions are.

We're in for another week of pretty, warm weather, so maybe we can fit in some evening work on this and get a little closer.

posted by ayse on 05/01/11