A Sixteenth of an Inch

The difference between the 0.563" plywood and the 0.5" slots I cut was a sixteenth of an inch. This made all the difference today.

But first. We took this:

Messy basement

And cleared it out to make this:

The wall where the wine rack will go

Most of that was moving the insulation elsewhere. Someday we will finish hanging that under the living room floors.

Cutting the boards down

We decided to cut the boards down to lower the height of the rack somewhat. We don't have nearly enough wine to fill this rack completely even at reduced height, and this way we can make it work better with the sewer pipe.

A sixteenth of an inch makes all the difference

But it turned out that the pieces would not just notch together nicely -- even with encouragement from a sledge hammer the pieces did not want to attach. So we have to take them apart and do some further notching to make this go together right.

posted by ayse on 08/14/11