All Hands on Deck

I generally don't put out decorations for holidays until right beforehand. Mostly because, hello, that would require planning and foresight and being able to locate the box full of things from last year. But also because sometimes decorations walk off mysteriously, and we don't have the kind of budget that can tolerate lots of replacement decorations.

Armed grave

But it's getting to look a lot like Halloween around here (unlike back East, where it's getting to look a lot like January). So I pulled out the disembodied arms and added a couple of foam gravestones. The front yard kind of looks like somebody's been digging a grave, anyway.

Arm in the hedge

The hedge is a lot less impressive this year than last, so the odd arm coming out is a little less convincing by daylight. But the neighbor kids came over this afternoon and kind of freaked out in a satisfying way. They actually thought the grave was Noel buried in the front yard. I had to have them touch the hands to calm them down.

Rubber bats

I refrained from having Noel rig the little rubber bats I got to drop on people walking under the arch. We have a lot of really little kids in this neighborhood and I don't want to terrify them.

Grim Reaper cutout

I really like the new window cling thing I got. It's a little stinky but it looks awesome, especially at night (I just need to move it down a couple inches). Look:

Window cling after dark

Sure, it looks like Death is kind of kneeling in the front bedroom, and if you're in the know you might suspect he's partaking of the scratching post we keep right there, but what do you want for under $10?

So, yeah, we're no Neumansky haunted house extravaganza, but we have some decorations out. Tomorrow I need to go get some pumpkins, because that seems to be the sign that you are giving out candy around here.

Goldie and her costume

In the meantime, Goldie and I are spending this evening making her costume. She's going to be a pile of leaves. I gave up on hand-sewing all those leaves on the dog coat and am gluing them instead. This after individually ironing all 250 of the little suckers.

posted by ayse on 10/29/11