Around the House

This afternoon, Noel primed the boards we'll use to repair the missing eaves on the back of the house. He'll also put a coat of paint on them before putting them in place.

Primed boards

(I woke Goldie up when I took this picture; she spent all afternoon asleep on that pile of dirt.)

Driveway extension

I spent much of the day working on costumes, but took a break to do some more digging. I've been slowly removing the grass and extra dirt in the area next to the driveway. My plan has been to put down a brick drive there, so Noel can get his car in and out more easily.

But today I uncovered a large part of the driveway that was put in improperly and had sunk down into the soil about five inches -- deeper than the depth of a brick. We talked over whether I should lay bricks on top of the concrete, and decided to wait on the whole project; what we'd really like to do is get a permit and extend the curb cut, and we might be able to hire somebody and do that and the driveway section in the next couple of months if certain things shake out. Neither of us is crazy about the idea of doing heavy concrete work ourselves at this point.

In the meantime, I will continue to remove the grass and dirt. The more of that I do, the better. And I somehow managed to finish the really hard part first.

Carole is molting

The chickens have their own project: three of the four are molting. Carole is in a very grumpy mood because of it. And we are, too, because we've had only one egg a day for what feels like forever now.

posted by ayse on 10/30/11