Happy Halloween

This afternoon we had a minor frenzy of getting things together for trick-or-treaters tonight. We carved the pumpkins at the last minute -- more out of procrastination than anything else, though I don't like leaving carved pumpkins outside for very long.

Usually I would have made them the night before, but last night we went down to the Neumansky Haunted Pumpkin Patch for a little pre-Halloween party and tour.

Neumansky haunted house

Afterwards I just was not up for carving pumpkins, and anyway, I like to do that outside where I won't make a huge mess.

We made barfy pumpkin:

Barfy pumpkin

(He ate too much candy.)

And wary pumpkin:

Wary pumpkin

(He's kind of nervous about being too close to barfy pumpkin.)

And at night, when the carving was a little more clear:

Barfy pumpkin by night

Wary pumpkin by night

And costumes! Goldie was a pile of leaves:

Goldie was a pile of leaves

And Rosie was a ballerina:

Rosie was a ballerina

They had a great time answering the door for kids and meeting everybody.

It was very exciting answering the door for kids

In only an hour or so they were both exhausted. (The cats had plenty of energy, though.)

But by the end of the night it was exhausting

I was a jellyfish. Last night I put a glow-stick in there but I didn't make it happen tonight.

My jellyfish costume

Here's the Halloween dog portrait. That's about as good as Goldie's costume looked all evening, but we only lost a few leaves.

Dog beauty shot

It was a warm Halloween this year, so we used a baby gate in the doorway so the dogs could get right in there. And the cats. We had one cat-outside moment, when all of a sudden Mr Kitty came running up the steps and I realized he'd gotten outside a few minutes earlier.

Using the dog gate to make a barrier

A good time was had by all, and there were some really great costumes this year. Lots and lots of really small kids, too.

posted by ayse on 10/31/11