Closed Eaves

This weekend we moved the scaffolding up to the corner of the house, for the last bit of eave-closing-in.

Scaffolding just on the corner

It's been very cold and clear lately, for long enough that we knew the weather would change soon.

Eave partially closed in

There wasn't much left to be done: painting over some nails, and trimming the edge of the board. And installing the drip edge which will hopefully help deflect some water.

The end that needs work

It's all kind of horrifying back there. A lot of times with a house like this you have to make a decision between just sort of limping along and spending the real money to do things right. Doing things right means completely rebuilding the roof--as soon as we start taking things apart to properly deal with that edge we get into Victorian framing that is just not adequate by modern codes.

Finished off

As it is, this new edge should keep the weather out a little better than an open hole (we can actually tell the difference upstairs, so that is good news), and it will definitely keep bees out, which is a big yay, since bees in the attic are not fun.

And then last night it got warm and humid and the rain started. Good timing.

posted by ayse on 12/12/11