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It's the dark time of the year. I leave for work before the sun is up and come back well after sunset. Today when I got home, there were some packages in the hall.

Pile of hive bodies and pieces

My hives arrived from Brushy Mountain. I got a couple of 8-frame medium hives with cute little copper roofs. The hive bodies came assembled, but I still need to make a bunch of frames up, and paint the outside of everything.

They came in a lot of boxes

The cats were very interested in the proceedings. Or at least the four very large boxes and the packing paper.

posted by ayse on 12/08/11


Cats always like the packing material more than anything else.

Just saw this on facebook, one of these might go well with your new hives? :)


Bror: no.

God-awful impractical chicken coops have no place in my garden. Not to mention that I have a very fine chicken coop already, with an automated door that I can open and close over the internet.

Oh I can't wait to see how you do with your bees! And I'm so excited that you got the brushy mountain hives. Their copper roofs (rooves?) are sooo pretty in a nice garden. Are you starting with 3 hives? You said "a couple" but it seems like a lot of boxes. :)

Just two hives, plus extra boxes for when the honey flow starts. I like to be prepared. My old hives sometimes got up to seven boxes tall during the peak flow, before the bottom box of honey was capped and ready to harvest, and I don't want to be painting new hive boxes in a panic in May.

I do think these hives are cute. I've always gone for strict functionality before, but I've never kept bees in my own backyard before this; it was always in an agricultural situation before.

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