Medieval Literature for Cats

The floor tiles we bought for the cat room were the cheapest ones available, a pattern called "Chaucer." No, I don't know why. We do not question the person who names peel and stick floor tiles.

Repairing a hole in the floor

Noel spent the last couple evenings laying the tiles. They go quickly, but we only had little bits and pieces of time here and there, so it took a couple days. And he even took up a piece of plywood we had screwed down to cover a hole and made a flat repair on that spot so we could tile over it.

Finished cat room

And there you have it. A little fake wood paneling and some Sassy Pink paint from Walmart and we'd be right back where we started.

The boys are glad to have their room back, I think. And we're glad to have their litter boxes out of the hallway.

posted by ayse on 01/31/12


Of which vertu engendred is the, uh, floor. Been waiting since eighth grade to use that one. Thanks!

Hey, slap some of that paneling on the lower walls and paint the beams black, and you'll have Ye Olde Cat Room!

@Jim - Ha ha ha!
@Ayse - I wish I'd thought of a cat room when we planned our modern renovation!

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