A Little Pinkless

We took the weekend off from working on the deck because it was raining, and we didn't really feel like working in the rain after a couple hard weekends of work. Yesterday we did a bunch of smaller projects, including preparing for the new baby chicks who are arriving this week by cleaning out the chick brooder and buying starter mash.

Today I went on an outing with a friend, and Noel decided to spend some time stripping paint off the front door.

This is what I came home to: the light is so awesome because he had taken out the plywood that covered the window-hole for ventilation. I cannot wait to get a real window in place there.

Noel stripping the doors

The lighter wood is the actual wood, the darker stuff is a gungy layer under the paint, which is probably just very old oil-based paint given what we've seen in other parts of the house.

Eight hours of stripping work

After eight hours of work, this is what he had finished. Almost all that wood was bright pink this morning. He's going to put some Peel-Away stripper on the curly parts to get the schmoo out.

Between stripping the wood and washing the walls, the hall is really starting to turn into a nice place.

posted by ayse on 03/18/12


I've been waiting a long time to see what that room would look like de-pinked! Even if it's not close to 'done' the lack of pink is awesome.

And very convenient to be able to remove the plywood for ventilation. A silver lining to the window re-order I suppose.

The doors look great from the photos. Are they pine?

What a world of difference!
Have you ever tried to hit the brown stuff with some kind of alcohol? If it dissolves it's surely shellac, if not you're likely right about linseed oil paint.

The worst pile of pink I've ever seen was my aunt's hallway. Back in the early 80s she actually had the nerve to paint the walls of her entire hallway neon (think highlighter) pink! Stayed that way for almost 15 years I think and scared every single visitor :-)

Wow, that is a lot of stripping. And so worth it!

Haven't tried using denatured alcohol on the gunk yet. Not that we'd consider stripping the doors with that; too much work. But it would be interesting to know.

When we get the wood more uncovered we can try to figure out the species; there's too much stuff on it right now to tell.

Also: highlighter pink? Yikes.

Well if your shellac is too grungy I think some chemical strippers do take it off. Then you could just re-shellac. I recently discovered that one of our salvaged doors is actually painted over shellac which is almost pitch black with dirt and age, so I'll have to do something about that once we get around to finishing the hallway. On the bright side the shellac makes removing the dinged and utterly sloppy paint job a breeze to remove, it chips right off when touched with a scraper. It's about the worst paint job I've seen in my whole life, easily equal to the sin I committed by just pouring paint over a table when I was 3 years old :-D

The pink paint job was seriously ugly but fascinating at the same time. It's one of the two boldest wall colours I've ever seen! This green is close second (picture taken from a real estate listing).
Apparently someone tried to brighten up a dark grimy first floor apartment.

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