More Depinking

Noel pulled out the Peel-Away and decided to test it out for removing paint on some of the more complex pieces of molding.

Peel-Away tests on the front door

I've had good luck with the Peel-Away in every location where the paint was not that old battleship paint that is on the old kitchen door. It comes up nicely, and all you need to do is wipe the wood clean.

Taking off the Peel-Away

Noel found it a bit yucky to remove, especially in the deep parts of the door trim.

Stripped sample areas

It certainly worked, though it does take time and work to get the goo out of the crevices. He's going to use the heat gun for final stripping on some other parts of the door and see how that compares in terms of time and effort.

The wood looks to be oak on the frame and pine for the panels and panel trim.

posted by ayse on 03/22/12