Paint Removal, Wall and Trim

As predicted, it rained most of this weekend. A good time to get more work done inside, and we always have work to do inside. Noel spent a fair amount of time with the heat gun stripping more wood. He's going to use the Peel-Away to do the curly bits of trim, but the heat gun can't be beat for the big flat areas.

Stripping paint from the trim

He made pretty good progress, considering he was doing this in between running off for other things all weekend.

Washing the walls up the stair

In between visitors coming to see the chicks, I pulled out scrapers, sponges, and buckets, and got back to work on the old paint on the walls. I got the stuff scraped off as high as I could reach all the way up the stairs.

Washing the wall in the upstairs hall

And on the small section of wall in the upstairs hall.

Next up is using the scaffolding to work higher up. We got two pieces of scaffolding so we can stack them up and get all the way to the ceiling in the stairwell, but with it set up we won't be able to get up or down the stairs, so we'll have to knock it down to go to bed, for example. That doesn't make working on weeknights very convenient.

posted by ayse on 03/25/12