Gardeners! Soil!

The gardeners emailed me this afternoon asking if it was OK if they came over today to take advantage of the clear weather. OK? PLEASE.

They only had a few hours, but when I came home it was to this:

First day of the gardeners

They had half the big side cleared out; that's a small pile of weeds there. In the back yard they'd left me an enormous tarp piled with weeds, which I spent a half hour trucking into the compost piles (I figured I could do that part and save them having to herd the chickens back up before they leave).

Front walk bed

This may not look like much, but they weeded out all this obnoxious grass that was growing in here. They also seem to have removed a lot of those white allium dudes, but I'm OK with that. What's left behind are the bedding plants I put in, plus the masses of California poppies that should start going off pretty soon.

They've got about two more days of work, a little less since they got some done today. Weeding and putting down mulch. Just in time because I got a notice that one of my spring plant orders should arrive Friday.

Poppy monster!

Speaking of poppies: Poppy Monster!

posted by ayse on 03/28/12