Curly Trim Bits

One area where it makes sense to use the Peel-Away is along the bit of trim that covers the edge of the second floor in the stairwell. It's got lots of curves and valleys, and it's also kind of a pain to reach it around the bannister.

Putting Peel-Away on the stair trim

A couple days ago Noel applied Peel-Away with a foam brush (which rapid disintegrated under the stress), then placed the paper over the chemical.

Where Noel started stripping the stair trim with the heat gun

This is an area where a while ago he'd started stripping some of this area with the heat gun. It was slow going and left behind a gunky residue. Leaning over the stairs to do the work was tiring, as well.

What the stair trim looks like

There aren't too many layers of paint here -- I guess this is not really a wearing part of the trim -- so the paint should come up pretty easily.

Stripped trim

Today he pulled the Peel-Away off the curly parts, cleaned it up a bit, then used the heat gun to clear the flat parts.

Stair side trim from below

It came out looking pretty good.

It's supposed to rain this weekend. Again. I guess I'm spending the weekend on scaffolding, scrubbing walls again. Someday we will have a deck.

posted by ayse on 03/29/12