A Brief Deck Update

So in between all the other stuff he had on his plate, Noel got some more boards down on the deck over the last couple days.

Predrilled boards

First he predrilled them, and then he screwed them in place. He had to devise a nice little clamping jig to pull the boards into place, now that the installed boards are wider than our clamps fit. I lobbied for a 14-foot clamp but the jig was both cheaper and easier to handle. Not to mention store.

And screwed in place

The boards have an overhang because we're going to trim them to have a straight edge after they are all installed. Our deck book suggested this as a way of making a perfectly straight line on the side of the deck.

The forecast says possible rain tomorrow, so we'll be able to see how the wood looks with a finish on it. I also ordered some samples of a wood finish that should give us the nice shiny look I like, and I'll make up sample pieces with some trim ends. Apparently putting a finish on ipe is a dark art, involving hand-rubbing penetrating finish on each board. One forum commenter even said he would do both sides of each board, but that is crazy talk.

posted by ayse on 05/02/12


What stain are you using? We used Superdeck exotic hardwood stain on our deck and are very happy with how it looks. We're two years in though and are getting ready to put another coat on the part of the deck that doesn't have a roof over it however...

Not a dark art really.
Don't use sunfrog on the ipe we used that and it was worthless.
We switched to Penofin tropical hardwood formula and the diff was amazing. The deck looked like fine furniture and it lasted.
Use a stain pad and rub it into the wood let sit for like 10 min then wipe off what evers left.
We did all sides of the wood this way before installation.

You guys know we built a fancy ipe deck right? At our house in the hood?

Thanks for the finish advice. I ordered some samples of Woodrich, but I need to see if I can get samples of the Penofin and the Superdeck. I'm not averse to maintaining the deck every now and then but I'm not sure what kind of finish I want, either.

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