More Boards

Noel got really inspired by our work yesterday and ran a couple of errands today. He got us this fine new saw for cutting off the plug ends.

New saw

I love specialty tools like this: they are the end result of all of human craftsmanship and tool-making.

Trimmed and sanded plugs

It worked pretty good, too. Noel trimmed all the plugs off this board and gave them a light sanding. Pretty slick looking. Apparently this one board took 45 minutes, but it's worth it.

More wood

He also got more wood. We laid out some boards for him to predrill. Before he got to predrilling, we had to mark the boards so he knows where to make the holes. We used a chalk line, because we're going to clean and sand the deck before sealing it.

More of the joists Vycored

I spent the time before dark installing some more Vycor. Now Noel can take a lunch break during the week and install a board or two.

Predrilling holes

He predrilled a couple boards before it got too late to keep working. The goal is to predrill the boards and then just kind of line them up and screw them down. Then I can come through after him and glue the plugs in place. Then he can spend the rest of his life trimming plugs.

posted by ayse on 04/30/12