Top Step

The top step of the lower stairs was always going to be a bit funky. The decking changes direction here and the stairs were kind of fudged into place, so the angles are not clear and consistent. To make three boards fit across the top, Noel trimmed the boards down by about an inch each, then tapered them very slightly to fit.

Routing the edge of the deck board

Of course, when you cut the board along the side, you end up with a 90-degree angle that does not match the mill edge on the other side, so Noel got a tiny little router bit and routed the sharp edge off to match.

Matching edge

It came out so well that you really can't tell which side was the original (except that we left the 90-degree on the lower edge, of course, where nobody will see it).

Vycor over the stairs

And of course the Vycor over the stringer tops.

Screwing the step in place

Then it was the same thing we've done all the way across the deck: predrill, screw in place...

Plugging holes

...glue in the plugs.

Finished upper stair

And there we have our top step.

The deck overall

And the deck so far.

Of course, tonight, I realized we needed to add another post at the top of the stairs to hold the railing, so tomorrow we will have to add more blocking under the boards we just put in. Just glad I realized it before we got things more closed in.

posted by ayse on 05/27/12