Attacking the Accordion Room

In keeping with a weekend of destroying things, I decided to turn out the piles of stuff in the Accordion Room today.

Accordion Room piled with junk

We've had this room in transition for a few months: Noel is moving his little electronics setup to the basement, and I am moving my various art and craft things in here to get them out of the rest of the house. Mix that with the piles of stuff we jammed in the room on Friday to get ready for the plaster removal, and it was getting a little difficult to even walk in.

Nice clean hallway

As it happened, there was also a nice clean hallway right outside the door, just waiting for my tender ministrations.

Everything pulled out of the Accordion Room

It took me only about half an hour to mostly empty the room into the hall. There are a few things I left in the room because of size or bulk, like the shelves and some tables.

Rather than just pile things back in in slightly neater piles, I took a field trip to IKEA and picked up some shelving.

Accordion Room with shelving and more limited stuff

Everything still needs sorting, and I found a few piles of things I need to go through and possibly toss out, but it's pretty surprising how much stuff went into those shelves. I emptied a couple of other shelves in the front bedroom as well, and you can hardly tell.

posted by ayse on 07/22/12