Home Stretch

We're on a big push to get the deck moving this week. Today Noel replaced a bunch of damaged plugs.

Plugs replaced

He even plugged on the side of the lower stairs, where we paused a few weeks ago and never finished trimming the long boards to a nice line.

The side of the stairs that has not been trimmed down yet

And of course, more sanding.

Sanding sanding sanding

Our plan is to get the deck to the point where I can spend all day on Sunday putting the sealer on it. Then next week we can buy and install railings. Noel's parents will be in town and nothing is more entertaining for family than construction work, right?

Anyway, the Deck-Warming Party is September 3rd. Mark your calendars. We might have only one bathroom and an enormous hole in our attic, but we will have a finished deck.

posted by ayse on 08/06/12