Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

OK, not actually signed or really delivered. But sealed!

I was working on a job site close to home today, so I got home relatively early. We'd taken a pass on sealing the deck last night because I ended up home later than I expected, and the thought of spending three hours sealing the deck in the dark was not super appealing. So the pleasant coincidence of this site visit worked out well for us.

After I did a bit of rehydrating, we got out the tarps and covered the tank and irrigation system.

Tank tarped

Noel removed the plugs and gave a quick sand to the hole cover while I rounded up equipment.

Hole cover deplugged and sanded

Sealing a deck is actually not all that equipment-intensive. I took out a disposable painting suit and some shoe covers in case we wanted them for wiping down the penetrating oil, and a paint mixer, and some nitrile gloves, but apart from that it was a brush, the can of sealer, and a pile of rags.

Sealing the hole cover

We used Penofin hardwood sealer. Mainly because I asked a bunch of people who seal decks for a living and they said, "You can use any penetrating oil, like Penofin...." Also, the guys at Economy Lumber suggested it, which isn't too surprising since they sell it.

Sealing the deck by brush

The process is pretty simple: you brush (or whatever, but I've been told the best finish is from brushing, and after this evening I believe it) the oil on the deck. Let it sit for about half an hour, then wipe up any excess.

Sealed and lovely

And your deck transforms into a thing of beauty.

From above

I mean, the deck was lovely before. Don't get me wrong. But this is a whole new level of wow. And we did that in less than three hours after a full day of work.

The Penofin literature says to repeat the application in 3-6 months, and then again in 10-12 months. This was easy enough that sure, I will do that. I will reseal my deck in November. This is not quite the hardship that resealing a deck in November would be in another climate.

posted by ayse on 08/13/12