One Side of a Door

The deck railings are at the lumber yard, but the starter on the truck chose this weekend to give out.

So Noel worked off some of his house energy by finishing up the hallway side of the back parlour door:

Door mostly stripped

Yes, it really has been cut down absurdly far in the upper right corner. And it still catches on the floor! Brilliant. Our ultimate plan is to replace the two hallway doors with glass french doors to bring more light into the parlours, but in the meantime we may just patch the top of the door and paint over it. That, or leave it propped open all the time, which is our approach now.

I spent the evening browsing plumbing supply catalogs looking for a square sink drain. It's kind of hard to believe such a beast does not exist, but all I can find are sink drains that have a square cover that rides over them (I want a drain with a grid in it, not a sink plug that will get clogged with whatever and still let that stupid ring fall down into the trap). I'm only slightly tempted to use a floor drain if I can find one that would not look wrong. This is my quest. I hope it does not end with me casting my own drains in the back yard.

posted by ayse on 08/27/12