Scrubbing the Ceiling

We're working out some possibilities with the scaffolding we have for the stairs -- this morning Noel noted that we had not in fact installed all the uprights on the pair we have, and we could get them up another 14 or so inches with no problem.

In the meantime, we put the scaffolding up in the upstairs hallway so I could get that done.

The scaffolding in the upstairs hallway

When I first started working up here, one of our harpsichords was against the railing there, so I never got to scrubbing the wall of the Accordion Room. I know that sentence sounds like it has a lot of improbable stuff in it, but work with me, here.

After a day of work

A few good solid hours of work and I was still scrubbing away at the ceiling. The paint is stuck on really well there, and in parts I needed to use a razor blade to scratch it away. I'm thinking I might break out a sponge-backed sanding pad next.

I should be able to finish off this ceiling in the next week.

Bathroom door stripped of paint

In the meantime, Noel worked on stripping the bathroom door. This is easily our best-looking door so far.

Pocket door hanging hardware

Then he attached the hanging hardware for the pocket door.

Bathroom door hanging in place

With a little trial and error we managed to get the door hanging on the hardware. It does, indeed, glide like butter. Smoothly enough to put our cheap builder's special pocket door on the downstairs bathroom to shame. If it had shame. Which it does not because it is a hollowcore door.

Tomorrow morning a lady I met on the internet is going to come over and teach our chickens to do tricks. I'm not sure if this is the best or worst idea I've ever had.

posted by ayse on 10/27/12