We Need More Scaffolding

More work on the walls tonight. We moved the scaffolding further up the stairs so I had access to more of the wall.

Where I started

As you may recall from Monday, I'd made fairly good progress up the walls. I figured if we got the scaffolding out from under the floor of the Accordion Room there, I would be able to reach up higher.

Scaffolding on the stairs

This is almost as high up the staircase as the scaffolding can be set up, because of the winder at the top. It just clears the Accordion Room wall above.

I made good progress there, too. I didn't gain much access on this move, but when I finished that bit of the wall, we added another level of scaffolding.

A second layer of scaffolding

That gave me very good access.

Looking down the stair at the scaffolding

As you can see, there's not much room for moving further up. And if the scaffolding moves up the stairs I lose access to the Accordion Room wall, because I have some common sense and a healthy respect for heights, so I don't lean out over the edge of scaffolding.

Going to need another level

Alas, the extra height was not enough to help me reach the ceiling. This is as high as I could reach and work. So we're discussing buying more scaffolding for that last bit. It's not too expensive (under $200), and it's easily the safest and easiest way to get access to this ceiling.

I have no idea what else we would do with another piece of scaffolding, but maybe we'll be super popular with friends who have tall great rooms with broken track lighting or something.

View from below

I feel like I made pretty good progress tonight, despite the minor setback in equipment. I still need to figure out how to reach that part of the stairs over the winder. Maybe some combination of scaffolding and platforms or something.

Door stripping

Noel also made good progress. While I was up on the scaffolding he went into the bathroom and stripped paint off the door. He's now 3/4 done with it.

posted by ayse on 10/26/12