We're at that crazy stage of the bathroom project where materials are piling up faster than work is happening. I'm sure with some careful planning I could have made this all work more like a just-in-time system but that would have taken more than I can give.

If you're Noel's mother you may want to look away for this post.

Hall full of lumber

Here we have the lumber yard, aka the downstairs hallway. (At the end of the hall a rare look at Henry, who only usually comes out when a lap might be on offer. He does not approve of construction on principle because when you are working you probably aren't making him a lap.) That's a pile of lumber, another pile of lumber leaned against the wall, a couple of ventilation fans for the bathrooms, and in the darkness of the downstairs bathroom pit to the left is a pile of toilet pieces, which is about as reassuring as it sounds.

Dash helping me check new light fixtures

This week our three new hallway wall sconces for the upstairs hall arrived. Because we've had a lot of stuff arrive broken lately, I took everything out of the packages and checked it out before repacking it.

Dash helped.

Better view of the fixtures

These are the McLoughlin from Rejuvenation, and they seem like very nice fixtures. They are replicas of 1890's gas fixtures, which is a little late, but they were what was available and I really like the simple shape. The hall used to have a gas sconce in it (the pipe is still there), so I wanted to have some sconces there for low-level nighttime lighting, especially in the new part of the hall where it goes to the attic and bathroom.

Wall sconce for the hallway

I got these with a gloss black paint and without a working switch on the front, because the switch was a bit pricey and I can't think of a good reason for the hall lights to be switched by both the main light switch and another one on the light itself. I also swapped out the default globe for this taller one that will conceal the bulbs. I plan to experiment with different kinds of low-energy bulbs here and most of those are just plain ugly.

We have three of them; one for the bit of wall between the two bedroom doors, and two for the new bathroom hallway. I waited to order them until we had the attic ladder installed and knew how much room we had for fixtures, and they will fit just fine. And someday we hope to have actual wall to install them into, so I can show you. Until then, back in the boxes and stuffed in a corner.

posted by ayse on 11/07/12