Change of Season

It has gotten cold outside, and what with the large hole into the attic, it was pretty cold in the house, too.

On Friday, after a night so cold that Goldie tried to get under the bedcovers, Noel tacked up plastic over the construction zone:

Plastic on the construction

That keeps the majority of the air in well enough that we could turn the heat back on. It's still not as good as when everything is closed up, but it's bearable in the house now.

We have houseguests coming this week, which is always exciting, but especially so when you have great big holes in your house. So Noel spent some time winterizing one of the windows in the front bedroom, as well.

Shoving the window back into place

This window is one of the reasons I just laugh when people tell me our old windows can be restored. While I appreciate the sentiment, many of our windows are this bad, and are not restorable. This one is barely holding in there, and if our two attempts with window companies hadn't turned out to be so unpleasant, we'd have replaced it years ago.

The glass falling out of the frame

The frame is so badly damaged with some kind of wood rot that the glass tends to slide out, and the whole thing was sagging down, leaving gaps at the top of the window.

Putting brackets in to hold the window in place

So Noel screwed in a couple brackets to hold the upper sash in place.

Installing a window insulation kit

Then he installed a window insulation kit over the whole thing to keep drafts out, so the front room is snug and warm now.

posted by ayse on 11/11/12