Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe

Today Noel removed some of the old infrastructure, to get it out of the way for the new plumbing and electrical service.

Random bad plumbing from the upstairs bathroom

There were these old pipes from around the sink, installed like a monkey did the work.

The big old lead toilet drain

And of course, the ancient, leaky lead drain pipe from the former upstairs toilet.

The extra class with that lead pipe is the patch of cloth tape around the upper part. That works SO well for repairing plumbing. That poop runs through.

Cutting out the pipes

Between the Multimaster and the Sawzall, Noel got the random weird plumbing out pretty easily.

Old pipes on the floor

He even pulled the long PVC drain that went down inside the wall out, cutting it into pieces.

Without pipes

Next up here is pulling up those floorboards and fixing all the damage they did to the floor joists.

Scoping out the lead pipe

That's the lead pipe at the top of the image. It ran down inside the closet off the back parlour.

Big old lead pipe

It was held to the wall every so often with a lead clip screwed into the framing. Fair enough: that's pretty similar to how we do copper plumbing today.

Lead pipe looking up

The great height of the thing meant the only reasonable way of taking it out was to cut it into chunks. Not that we had great plans to reuse an old lead pipe or anything.

Lead clip

And here's one of those lead clips. The screwheads were too shallow and rusty to remove it the easy way, so Noel cut it off.

We're all about safety here.

Lead is soft and easy to cut, but not so easy that it was a total cake walk. Also, it makes up for softness by weighing a ton and folding really easily.

Big lead pipe

It was a big lead pipe, let me tell you.

Removed and awaiting disposal

And there's the pile of debris, waiting to take its final trip.

posted by ayse on 12/01/12


As a long-time reader of your blog, I have to say that it's really exciting to see you guys moving towards a final project rather than doing something that is a stop gap measure. I'm just so exhausted by all that you do that I am happy for you that there might actually be an end in sight... or at least a bathroom you can actually relax in!

(do you have to take the same kinds of precautions with lead pipes as with lead paint?)

Wowza...lead pipe. Very "Clue", if nothing else :-)

Rae, sort of. You have to be careful to wash off after cutting it (the dust), but lead is actually quite benign in small quantities like this.

And yes, it's nice to have an end in sight for this one.

I was in the UK recently and toured the baths in Bath. Amazing to see there was a lead pipe to the main pool that is still there from eons ago.

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