Pas de Deux

We have a particular reason to not be getting anything done on the bathrooms this weekend, so we decided to take on a project that has been nagging at both of us for a while: making the front parlour into a usable room again.

Front parlour before

Noel had been repairing a piano action in there, we had a coat rack holding all the coats that will end up in our new hall closet eventually, and things had started to pile up as they do in a room that is not being used regularly. Plus he wanted to move the new piano away from the exterior wall, so some rearranging was required.

Moving pianos in the front parlour

We started by moving the pianos around, then rearranged bookshelves to make a wall of shelves. We've been slowly outgrowing our motley collection of IKEA and secondhand bookcases, but I'm in denial about it. That just means we have to address the issue of how we do built-in shelves in the back parlour aka library.

When we got halfway through tearing the front room apart we decided to do some book-rearranging in the back parlour as well, in part because we needed to find a place to stow the large fish tank until the hallway is done and it can move there.

Rearranging the books in the back parlour

The nice thing is that now the books are all together by subject, instead of a subject shelf starting in one place, jumping a couple of shelves, then continuing in the next room halfway through a shelf. Much easier to find things this way, I think.

We still have some things to move around, and a couple of shelves worth of DVDs and VHS tapes we never watch are lined up in the hallway pending a decision on what we want to do with them, but we're in pretty good shape and should be able to whip the rooms together tomorrow.

posted by ayse on 12/15/12