The Slowest Project Ever

Progress on the upstairs bathroom ceiling is ridiculously slow. Other things keep getting in the way, and we're not such inconsiderate neighbors that we will whack away with power saws at 10pm (though we do, damn us, not tiptoe around the yard after 8pm like the inconsiderate scofflaws we are).

Before I started blocking certain people, every time we'd slow down on something or have life or careers get in the way of doing non-stop labour on the house I would get hate mail telling me I was a lazy, shiftless know-nothing, and our house would be a ruin forever. I decided I didn't need that crap and now I never see it. It's hard enough trying to juggle a couple of demanding careers, personal projects, and basic maintenance with working on these things without having hecklers.


One of the recessed lights with fans

We're putting two recessed lights with exhaust fans in the upstairs bathroom. One right over the shower (I recommend this when it is possible, because it really helps cut down on moisture problems and it provides nice light in the shower), and one roughly centered on the rest of the room. So where to put the ceiling joists?

We took out one of the lights and Noel measured the distance from the center of the light to the nailing attachment, and then we climbed up on the scaffolding to do some measuring.

Laying out the ceiling joists

The process was pretty simple: first we had to mark where the shower ends relative to the (future) tile wall. The wall will be about one inch thick, probably a little thinner. But since the ceiling will not be tiled we don't have to go for great precision; we can let the light be a little less than centered.

Marking the wall

With the shower measured out, we only had to find the center of the shower, then measure out to the edges of the light fixture. A couple pencil marks, and voila.

And then, of course, it was well past bedtime and too late to do any more work on this.

posted by ayse on 04/06/13