Slow News Day

I'm taking this all-day class on Sundays that really eats into time spent on the house, I must say. But today when I got home we put a couple more pieces of wood in place.

We started with the little tiny wall we were working on yesterday, which is the side of the new closet. This has a long stud up to the ceiling, and a shorter stud that will hold the header for the pocket door opening.

Installing another stud

It was a little fussy to get in place, but with a few whacks of the hammer everything fitted together nicely.

Then we put down the board along the floor for the remainder of the closet wall. The end part of this might end up being removed to make our little hidey-hole closet, but we put it there for now until we decide what kind of door treatment we want to do there.

The right side of the sliding door opening

Then Noel carefully cut out and installed another pair of studs, this time for the right side of the pocket door opening. You can see that they juuuust fit there; much more to the right and it'd be a lot iffier.

Then three friends came over and all further progress was derailed. We have to get more anti-social.

At least now enough decisions have been made that the rest of this is just following the pocket door instruction booklet.

posted by ayse on 10/06/13