Framing Fiddling

So you might think that after all that plumbing purchasing and planning two weeks ago, we'd have made enormous progress on actually fitting plumbing in place. You would be wrong!

Last weekend we worked on getting ready for a permit inspection on two permits that are ready to be closed, and one that may or may not be ready to be closed. I will spare you photos of tidying the basement and our friend Steve tightening anchor bolts.

Also last weekend, Noel decided to spend some time taking out a 2x4 stud that had quite a twist in it.

Can you see the wobble?

It's actually not super clear in the pictures, but the stud alongside the door of the new closet had a lot of twist to it, so it came out.

Deciding to replace the stud with two studs

Since he was taking it out, Noel decided to fiddle with things a little so he could replace it with two studs rather than the little spacer blocks.

But you can see in the photo above that the two studs are a little wider than the stud-plus-blocks, so he had to shave down the wood around the air return to allow it to fit. That was fiddly and probably a little too much work, but it is done now.

This weekend, after some discussion of how we are going to plumb the toilet upstairs (since we changed the type of toilet we're going to use there), Noel tore out the wall between the closet and the downstairs bathroom.

Removing the central wall

That wall was a true 2x4 wall, four inches deep. But the plumbing needs a little more room, and the floor joist on the first floor was inconveniently located so we couldn't just run straight down to the basement. So he took out the original wall, and put in a 2x8 wall.

Removing a little of the lath on the ceiling

I wanted to leave as much of the curved ceiling lath in place as possible, though because of modern code requirements it will be covered up by a new ceiling to hold the required ventilation fan. But tearing this corner out makes it a little cleaner to plumb the upstairs bathroom.

So tomorrow more framing, and I will try to get a bunch of drain and vent work done, too.

posted by ayse on 01/18/14