First Conduit

Today Noel started putting in the conduit for the upstairs electrical subpanel.

Drill a hole

He drilled a hole in the floor.

A bent piece of conduit

Then he bent and cut a piece of conduit to fit, and stuck it in place.

Inside the box

Nothing complicated, but it takes time. The most complicated part of it was using the conduit bender, and that wasn't too bad.

I've been having a bit of a vendor fiasco this week, myself. But in the meantime we have gotten our replacement toilet tank and some light fixtures, and we are ready to get some work done.

posted by ayse on 03/29/14


Looks like actual stuff gets done. It's a pain how things like plumbing and electrical and roofing aren't sexy, but you have to have them. You know, for power and water and stuff like that. You two are a real inspiration.

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