More Light in the Hall

I have fallen down a little on posting, but progress has been happening.

This week, Noel worked on installing the third hallway light, which is going out in the existing hallway where there was once a gas fixture.

Hallway before

The little roundish patch in the middle of the wall is where the former gas fixture was, or at least where the gas pipe came out of the wall.

Noel cleared the plaster from the larger square patch a little up and to the left of where the original fixture was because a) we don't have to light our fixture with a match so it can be a little higher on the wall, and b) it will line up with the other lights and be centered on the wall, which is pleasing to me.

Old and new holes

We had to cut the lath away to get a box in the wall, as you can see here. Coincidentally, the stud is located perfectly to place the light centered on the wall. The line you can see there on the plaster is the line we used to place the other two lights in the new hallway. Yay, laser level.

Old gas pipe

As in a lot of places in this house, the old gas lines are still there (not hooked up to anything, or we'd probably have blown up by now). This one is placed so that removing it was not possible without removing all the lower wall plaster, so it will stay. Noel did have to cut off the end so I can repair the plaster over it, though. Previous owners had just wallpapered over it and painted that, so it looked like a little dimple in the wall. That works, I guess, but is not quite my style.

Box in place

I asked Noel to put some wood blocking behind the wall so I could repair the plaster with drywall scraps when we get to that point in this process.

Wiring in the attic

The wiring for the upstairs mostly runs through the attic, which is convenient for working on it, if a little on the filthy side. It took Noel minutes to wire this light up. (The lines of light at the back of the attic? That's the outdoors!)

Three lights

And then we had three lights upstairs. These fixtures are very much like the originals that were in this house, at least what we could see of them from the stuff we found buried in the back yard.

posted by ayse on 05/24/14