Subtle Progress

It's houseguest season, so progress is super slow.

But over the last few weeks Noel has removed the remaining wood paneling from the upstairs bathroom.

Bedboard paneing removed from the bathroom

This opened a new and exciting portal into the Cat Room, so now we have to keep the bathroom door shut to keep Rosie from exploring in there. We're thinking we will board up the opening with spare plywood, because otherwise it will be trouble soon.

Wood panels stacked for stripping

The panels themselves are stacked up in the hallway, waiting to be stripped. What we don't use in the hallway right now we will save for a future project.

Wood shims

Then this weekend, Noel went and got a couple packages of wooden shims (useful for "installing windows and doors, mixing paint, and household chores") to stiffen the upstairs floor.

Installing shims

We added the dropped ceiling under the upstairs bathroom floor, but the wood making up the floor joists is so weirdly uneven that modern straight boards didn't align right. There were large gaps and small gaps and some places where it was tight to the existing boards -- a big mess if you want to be providing more support. So the solution there was to build the ceiling nice and level, and then glue shims in to make a positive connection between the existing and the new ceilings.

All shimmed

That took a few hours. And was quite possibly one of our most subtle house projects ever.

posted by ayse on 06/29/14