Like-New Door

Noel has been stripping the paint off the door for the understair bathroom. This door came off the bathroom we took out when we bought the house, and it's not an original but it is solid wood and works just fine. We've had it stashed in various corners because there's no reason to throw out a perfectly good door.

New bathroom door, before

Of course it started out pink. (It was blue on the other side!)

After stripping the paint with the heat gun

At first he started stripping it with the heat gun, and most of the paint came off that way.

Safest Stripper

Then he used Safest Stripper on the layer of primer that was left on the wood after the heat gun, with not much success.

Applying the Peel-Away

The winner was the Peel-Away, which is still the best paint stripper we have in our arsenal.

After sitting for 24 hours

The Peel-Away is applied and covered with paper (the buckets come with paper, but not nearly enough. You can buy more but it is expensive; waxed paper also works) and left to sit for 24 hours. After 24 hours you peel it off (hence the name) and scrape off the goo.

Stripped door

It cleans up the wood really nicely. A little sanding, filling up the hole from the old doorknob, and then we can prime and repaint.

posted by ayse on 07/14/14


Do you use the neutralizer afterward? Any ramifications if you don't?

Please Tell me you have finished the outside. OMG 7 years later and there is still plywood on the bottom of the house. OMG. but there is chicken coops and hummingbirds everywhere. omG.

Hey, the moment somebody wants to hand over $20,000, we will happily finish the outside. While you're at it, how about another $75,000 for the paint and windows, and $30,000 for a new roof. I'll take a check.

Until the money shows up, we do what we can. And FYI, the hummingbirds came with the place.

Dave, the Peel-Away doesn't require neutralizer. So no ramifications to not using it.

John, never done any work on your house, right? :-) 7 years is nothing.

Is that John guy for real?

No, he's a troll. I usually just delete them but that one was kind of funny.

Clearly, the implication is that you should be putting the chickens and hummingbirds to work! Are they any good at siding?

I guess the new base siding will have to be very small, then. To fit in beaks.

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