Second Door

Noel spent a bunch of time cleaning the old paint off the door for the understair bathroom. I thought I'd show you some of the process of stripping it.

Removing the waxed paper

This is what the waxed paper looks like when you pull it up after letting the Peel-Away sit for 24 hours. In an ideal world, the waxed paper covering would just pull all the old paint with it, but the reality is that things like primer rarely come up so cleanly.

Scraping off the paint goo

But the stripper does soften the paint, so a good scraping worked pretty well to remove most of the paint.

Using the wire brush of enlightenment

For trickier pieces like carved moldings, a wire brush works nicely.

Sanded and patched

After stripping the whole door, Noel sanded it and patched the wood where some towel hooks and the door handle were, plus a few bonus dings.


Then he primed it. For some reason this door has a funky old-cigarette smell to it, so priming helped lock that smell away. When we decide on what shade of white to paint it, we can do the topcoats.

Ready to install the pocket door hardware

With the door primed, Noel and Rosie were able to install the pocket door hardware.

Hardware in place

This was much faster the second time around.

Pocket door hung

Then we hung the door. And now it really feels like a room.

posted by ayse on 07/21/14