Inspection: Passed!

The building paper installation passed its inspection this morning. The deck is probably going to be inspected next week (we still have to schedule that), and electrical is almost ready to be inspected, as well. It's beginning to feel a lot like this might get finished. Ish.

In the mean time, we're cleared to start installing that siding. Anybody want to join us? Saturday and Sunday, starting at 10am.

We still have some priming to do (we got basically nothing done this weekend because of stupid computer and telephone problems), but we also will be putting flashing blocks around openings and installing sheet metal flashing above those blocks, and possibly even installing boards. As an added bonus, our brief flirtation with wintery weather is gone and it's supposed to be stupid hot (read: above 72F; I am a precious princess and do not like heat) all weekend.

posted by ayse on 09/29/14