One Wall

It seems like things always take a lot longer than we hope they will. Today's work was like that.

First of all, it was technically cooler than yesterday but there was still a high of 88F. And we had more friends come by to help, which was very nice; we really had just the right number of people.

We got started by finishing off installing the siding on the porch, which was nice and easy. Then we started working up the wall near the porch.

Installing a board

Here's Hafez and me putting a board in. We worked our way up until we got to a point where we needed to deal with fussy details, just to get as much done before we had to solve any problems.

Cutting a hole for an air vent

To put in the crawlspace vents, we had to cut holes in the siding. We started with this one. Noel used the jigsaw to cut between the four drill holes he'd made yesterday.

The air vent

For something that was just hand-cut, it looks really nice, no? We'll trim out the inside with thin boards, eventually.

Priming a board end

One thing I don't think I mentioned yesterday is that before we install any board, we squared off both ends with the chop saw, then primed them. That means every board is primed on all surfaces.

Re-priming boards

While Noel and Hafez worked on installing the boards, our friends Kate and Tim took on re-priming the boards in the stack. As you can see, a surprising number of boards had one side missed on the first pass. In addition, the primer was pretty light on most boards, so they were in charge of making sure each board had two layers of primer on all sides.

Finished wall

And then it was getting late -- Betsy showed up to see if we needed any help at the very end, but we were mostly done -- and we had a nice stretch of wall mostly done (we still need to install the bullnose and board trim at the top and at the corner).

posted by ayse on 10/05/14