Another Wall

We had a quick little after-work siding session this evening, until it got so dark that it was actually kind of ridiculous to be working.

We worked on the other side of the side porch, because no matter which direction we went we'd hit a bay window soon enough, and the side one is easier to get to than the front one.

Cutting miters with the compound miter saw

This is when the compound miter saw really proved its worth. (Note: and we're only borrowing it from our neighbor for an extended period, so it's even more valuable!) You set the angle, and it just makes a perfect cut.

Using the laser level to line up the boards

We also used the laser level to make sure that the corners on the bay lined up with each other, so things didn't start leaning one direction or the other. Also a great tool. And lovely to use in the grass.

Finished section of wall

The installation went OK, though afterwards we realized we'd done something wrong and will have to go back and redo part of it. So, maybe not as much progress as we wanted, but it's getting there.

posted by ayse on 10/06/14