More Siding, More Priming

Today we picked up some more siding. This is for the back of the house where we are planning some work next year that will disrupt the siding, so we will put this cheaper, uglier siding on for now and replace it later.

More siding

This stuff was 79 cents a foot, which is substantially less than what we paid for the good stuff, for a good reason. It is siding, yes, but it definitely is not great siding. We'll have to handle it pretty carefully.

(Pre-primed siding in nicer shape was available for $2.30/foot; we decided we could afford the time.)

Then Noel went back to work on the side of the house -- he'd gotten to the level where all the flashing had to go in -- and I got to work priming the new siding. Which is kind of dull in photos.

posted by ayse on 10/11/14