An End in Sight

We had a thing today in the late afternoon, but beforehand we got a fair bit of work done.

Siding being primed

I almost finished priming the new siding boards. They're rough-cut on the back so that takes an enormous amount of paint, and makes the priming a little slower than would be ideal. But there are basically only eight fronts left to prime, and those will finish up quickly. Then Noel can install them on the back of the house.

Finished east siding

And Noel finished installing the boards on the east side of the house. His work yesterday was a little slow because it included all the flashing parts, but today he was mostly just installing boards above the flashed areas.

In the next week the contractor is supposed to show up to work on the side porch, and we'll have another inspection (the deck and some electrical work, plus the siding).

posted by ayse on 10/12/14