Odds and Ends

Today's work was delayed because we had an appointment to get this little lady:

Hopper on the porch

This is Hopper. She's almost seven and she's retiring from being a working dog to just live in a family, which is a big change for her. I'm not crazy about her name and we are trying out alternative names for her. She's learning all about living with stairs (her previous home was a single-level) and with cats. The cats all seem to think she is Goldie, which is working very well for her. I'm not sure what she thinks the cats are but she doesn't seem to notice them. Rosie likes her, too.

Painting boards

In the meantime, the board painting continues as always. We actually finished the primer we'd bought and Noel went and got more. The cheaper boards we got for the back of the house really did suck up the primer.

One bit of siding

Noel worked on installing siding on the porch today. Starting with the driveway side.

Garden side of the porch

Then getting to the garden side, though not quite all of it, because we need to resolve what happens at the top of the wall.

Installing a brick landing

I put in another brick landing at the bottom of the side porch stairs. The contractor is coming next week to install the handrail, and if we get all the details finished up then the side porch can be signed off. If we get the siding finished, that could be signed off, too.

Hopper napping

Hopper was wide awake and panting for hours, then just as I was finishing up the landing, sweeping sand into the cracks, she fell asleep hard on the porch. Boom.

posted by ayse on 11/08/14