Papering the Side Porch

With the floor of the porch ready, Noel cleared away some construction debris and installed plywood around the base. We don't need plywood here, since we have plenty of shear wall right next to it, but the plywood does hold the siding out to the right place.

Plywood on the porch

The side walls of the stairs also get some plywood. Noel put this on a little too low: siding has to be a minimum of 4 inches above soil, but it's easy to trim.

Side walls for the stairs

I should have let him know this before he put the building paper on, though, huh?

With building paper

You can also see the doorway to the area under the porch, where I'm planning to store some bee things (just to inform you thieves who are casing the place: somebody stole some waterproofing and plywood from the yard this week). Sometime after we get this permit work done, I can put some shelves up under there; it will be a decent place to store things out of the way, but still accessible. Maybe with a padlock, though.

Ready for siding

The nice thing about the porch is that it's kinda small and things go fast when you're working on it. Noel got this all finished up and ready for siding (modulo raising the sides of the stairs) this afternoon. Then it's just siding and we're ready to install trim. And I need to make another brick landing for the inspection.

posted by ayse on 11/06/14