A Pass

After we repaired the DWV stack, we did manage to fill it to the roof without internal leaks.

Then the plug in the powder room lavatory drain blew out and spewed water all over the first floor. Yay for 1/4" cracks between our floorboards because all that water came showering down on my head in the basement rather than spreading through the house. But still, it sucked.

One improved-quality plug later, and this afternoon the stack passed DWV inspection (right in the middle of #hellastorm, though the inspector did decline to go up on the roof to check it out, like a smart man). We never did get to finishing the water supply or fan ducts this week, so those still need to be finished and inspected.

I'll take it. I'm just glad to be done with the water pouring out of plumbing part.

posted by ayse on 12/11/14