Some Drywall

Yesterday we got started on finishing the supply plumbing and discovered that we were missing two parts, which needed to be ordered. Well, that does put a damper on finishing up, and I must say that I am getting a little tired of it, but that's how it was. So we finished up a few other non-construction projects.

Today we decided to just get some things done, and we are now cleared to close up several walls, so we decided to do some drywall work. We started with the upstairs bathroom ceiling.

Putting transfer paper on the ceiling lights

You may recall that there are two recessed lights in the bathroom ceiling, and we needed to cut holes in the drywall for them, which is a little complicated to do unless you're willing to do a lot of detailed measuring. We just used transfer paper taped to the lights. We did that first, because it would be complicated to attach the paper with the drywall up on the ceiling.

This drywall board does not fit

Initially we tried to put a single whole board in the room at once. The room is 8 ft wide and about 54 inches deep, so in theory the whole 8 ft by 4 ft board would fit in there, but in reality the framing of the house is not square, and not straight, and the board just did not fit at all.

We ended up cutting the board into two pieces and installing them separately.

The transfer circles

This is the circle that is left by the transfer paper. We had to really mash on the drywall to get a good circle, but it worked.

Ceiling drywalled

And the holes were in the right place, which is always nice. We used some scraps of drywall to fill in the rest of the ceiling, and that is all done.

And some drywall downstairs, too

Then, because it was easy and we hadn't gotten much else done this weekend, we drywalled some of the hallway.

I also cleared out a bunch of ABS fittings and short lengths of pipe. Now that the drains are finaled we don't need any more of that so we are going to return the pieces we have receipts for, save a few strategic pieces for any repairs that may come up, and put the rest in a construction garage sale pile for next month. We don't anticipate needing to do any more drain lines for a long time, which is a great thing to say.

posted by ayse on 12/14/14